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Eh you got me here, I enjoy to make them. I love design, balance and challenges. I know, I know, the results suck as much as my painting or my drumming, but I do not care and I enjoy it!!! Nop, I do not do it for money either... it is just not my job!!!

Obsession With Colors
A couple of years ago I found myself at home in Milano with the flu. It was the week of New Years Eve, and I was bored to death. I had in my house some colors, and some brushes, and I said... why not, let's try... Beside I felt that I needed some decorations on my wall, and as I was (am) too cheap to buy some, so...
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Hand Drums
I know, I have them everywhere, in my house and in the offices. Djembes, Bongos, Congas: they look so cute and they make such a warm deep sound that gets to the soul... I apologize with my neighbors if they hear them from time to time and they do not feel as touched as I do!!! If they miss me... here is a reminder
Bongos solo sampler
Djembe solo sampler
Quinto solo sampler

I love it so much that I keep 3 small boats, one in Italy on the lake of Como, one in the USA in Perth Amboy, NJ and another one in Oriental, NC.
In the upper right picture there's an example of an improbable landing/parking on a rocky wall (or better improbable for the most / very possible for the "pirate" in me, note also that I do not believe in using auxiliary outboard engines: just sails) on the lake of Como
>> Boating in ITALY
>> Boating in the USA in NJ
>> Boating in the USA in NC

Prudence Blackwatch 24 sailboat

My Pride and Joy
I bought my sweet black HD Sporty in 1992. I changed the tank after the first time I remained with no gas on the NJ TPK approx 90 miles from home (the original tank had an autonomy of 100 miles which is really nothing!!!). If you love Harleys you must be fond of mechanic and get dirty: they tend to loose pieces if you forget to tight most bolts before any medium/long ride. But those vibes and that sound... Ah if you hear a black Harley and you are in Milano, be careful. Everybody says I am a threat for society on a bike!!! Look at my baby in '93, before it was turned into a sort of chopper:
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