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has been developed to determine where Discacciati families have migrated and where they live throughout the world today. I guess there are 200 estimated households with a total estimated population of 600.

11 records found
120 records found
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122 records found
1 records found
6 records found

Click on the country name to see the detail, or check the entire list at the following link: Global
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RFD alias Romano Francesco Discacciati
It seems that several families, not listed in this Registry, are in Brazil and... Barbacena is in Brazil the equivalent of Rovellasca in Italy.

An updated list of Brazilian Discacciatis is welcome, as well as any other update you think, could help the accuracy of our Registry.

It is our policy to preserve the rights of individuals requesting privacy. In compliance, we have removed their names and addresses from the Discacciati International Registry. The list is a public list as it appears in telephone books and city directories.

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