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Hold on because it is going to be a very long journey

Somebody says it's me the gentlemen that is sleeping so peacefully on the left . I cannot really remember to confirm.
Ok, I cannot explain this one, I was already drunk!!! Hey, I never claimed to be a Saint either!!!
Oh My, how much I love the water. Yap, my love for the ocean goes way back in time, as you can see from the picture taken during my first transoceanic cruise.
At the arrival (just in time to celebrate my first birthday) it was real fun!!!!
As I could not really sail on my second year of life, I was not really too happy. I had some problems with my left eye, so I had to keep quiet.
But...how can you keep someone like me quiet???? No wonder that I gave myself to other extreme sports.
I tried also to join a shark fishing expedition, but I was not tall enough.
Thanks god, I was growing!!! Unfortunately an ugly new member joined my family: it was a dredfull creature called "the sister"
Boy how nasty she was!!!! I know that it looks the other way around, but here I was just defending myself!!!! That nasty little creature, looking so cute could fool everybody, but not me!!!!
As I could not get rid of the nasty little creature, and as I had to give up extreme sports (due to the glasses I had to wear), I first decided to go to Africa with my sister (see photo on the left, my sister is the one on the right of course, not the one in the middle). After that, I just decided to keep traveling around the world.


During one of my stays in Mexico, I started the legend of Zorro, as well.

What an adventure it was!!!

But alas... my true love as always been the water...

So I started what I was meant to do: live and die on the water...

But I wanted more!!! I wanted action....so...I joined the Politecnico of Milano where I studied and learned more on how to become a modern pirate.
I attended courses on how to finance piratesque illecit activities, how to attack and board correctly another vassel, how to dig and hide treasures (actually it was "how to re-invest the fruits of Piracy in modern economy" if I am not mistaken!!!)
I was almost ready: I let my beard and hair grow and one day...
I was gone... down in the Carribean, sailing and robbing the rich and famous, and sharing the fruits of my hard work with the poor local populations. (ok I know that it sounds like Robin Hood, but it's not: we had Rum, merengue, and great weather!!!)
Yes, I know, it was a dream, and now I am awake: what the heck am I doing here???

The end? Just... do not worry for my sake if one morning you are waiting for me and I am not showing up, ...maybe it's not...the end...yet...



ok, now you can understand a little bit more of myself

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