Romano Francesco Discacciati (a.k.a. RFD)

A pioneer in the Plastic industry, always learning, always perfecting. He was an amazing accountant, a Public Notary and of course a modern day top manager, leading with his knowledge, wisdom, deep insight and understanding of both people and situations. All this was reflected in his professional memberships:

SPE Society of Plastic Engeneers – USA
NSA National Society of Accountants – USA
NNA National Notary Association – USA
CIDA Confederazione Italiana Dirigenti d’Azienda – Italy

Among the conferences and papers he presented:

  • Dual Density Structural Foam – June 1988 – Los Angeles, California
  • Maximizing use of recycled material – SPI/SPE October 1990 – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Co-injection and two shots molding – 1991 Chicago, Illinois
  • Co-injection molding of Polyolefins – 1991 Dallas, Texas
  • Rotary co-injection molding – Molding 1997 – New Orleans, Louisiana

His other dear memberships were for leisure:

USGA United States Golf Association – USA
FIV Federazione Italiana Vela (sailing) – Italy

Romano started a new journey on April 26, 2018 after loosing his battle with cancer. His legacy very much lives on in his family and everybody that loved him and was inspired by him.