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Romano Discacciati (a.k.a. RFD)

Zodiacal sign:

Professional memberships:

SPE SPE Society of Plastic Engeneers - USA
NSA NSA National Society of Accountants - USA
NNA NNA National Notary Association - USA
CIDA CIDA Confederazione Italiana Dirigenti d'Azienda - Italy

Other Memberships:

USGA United States Golf Association - USA
FIV Federazione Italiana Vela (sailing) - Italy

Conferences and papers presented:

  • Dual Density Structural Foam - June 1988 - Los Angeles, California
  • Maximizing use of recycled material - SPI/SPE October 1990 - Atlanta, Georgia
  • Co-injection and two shots molding - 1991 Chicago, Illinois
  • Co-injection molding of Polyolefins - 1991 Dallas, Texas
  • Rotary co-injection molding - Molding 1997 - New Orleans, Louisiana

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