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DD- 4/25/2007
I try to keep the forum clean as much as possible. Unfortunately spamming is really bothering any site, including this one!!! I wish I could meet a spammer face to face alone, just the two of us!!! I would gladly get his/her computer, and... I cannot say here what I would do with that!!!

GRIENlord- 3/29/2007
Hello everybody! I am new to the site www.discacciati.com
Could anyone, please, advise if there is a lot of
spam and unscrupulous advertising. Can I trust
all this information, which is present at this forum?
Sorry for stupid questions, I just really want know which
information I should trust or even pay attention.

fernanda lertora discacciati- 1/4/2006
mi mamá es Discacciati, por lo tanto me siento una Discacciati!!Vivo en Corrientes (Argentina). Quiero que me agreguen a los Discacciatis argentinos para poder comunicarme y conocerlos.

july- 10/1/2005
Espero que aca me hablen en castellano!!.
Soy de Argentina, Rosario. No hablo bien el italiano pero si el portugues.

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